Have you ever wondered if there was a way that you could clean your air conditioning ducts? Here at Williams and Fogg Mechanical, we run a professional air conditioning service using HVAC products. We also provide tips on how to clean your ducts. Our company is family-owned and consists of well-trained professionals who have the primary goal of customer satisfaction. We pride ourselves on always being able to find the perfect products for your home. In addition, we offer HVAC repair services should you discover that you need some repair help. You can ensure that our company is always stocked with the latest technology thanks to our certified team that has knowledge of all different products. We offer everything from heating and cooling services to agreements regarding maintenance, and we are always capable of providing solutions to any problems. Our company has the best indoor air services in Richmond, so what are you waiting for? 


Advice From Our Air Conditioning Service  

Part of our HVAC repair services is the advice we share with our customers. Our company wants to make sure that you are getting the full experience of our products. We have four specific tips on how you can keep your ducts clean in order to guarantee fresh indoor air at all times. Firstly, make sure that your home is free of dust. Even though you might be convinced that your house is clean, there is likely pollen, animal fur, and dust particles in areas of your home. Stay on top of cleaning your floors, dusting surfaces, and vacuuming, so particles do not clog your HVAC products. Secondly, replace the air filters. The filters are what catches most of the particles that create buildup in your products. Make sure to replace your filters once every month if you have pets or once every three months. Thirdly, along with keeping up on cleaning your home, consider purchasing an air purifier. These purifiers help circulate clean air and have to be replaced for them to work correctly. Lastly, keep the vents open. Air vents collect a lot of dust when closed, so be sure to use the small levers to adjust them. 


Perfect Indoor Air 

We want you to experience indoor air that you know is clean. We recommend using our advice in order to keep your homes clean as well as your health. Make sure to refer to these tips when thinking about the perfect indoor air: 

  • Ensure that your home is free of dust 
  • Get on a cleaning schedule to make sure your home is always clean
  • Replace your air filters 
  • Open the air vents 
  • Install an air purifier and be sure to replace them as needed 
  • Enjoy the fresh indoor air! 

Sticking to our professional advice is the simplest way to be sure that your indoor air is top quality. Our family-owned business always wants the best for you and guarantees that your satisfaction is our top priority. 


Contact Us 

Are you in need of an air conditioning service that you can count on? Here at Williams and Fogg Mechanical, you can guarantee that we offer the best tips about your products and HVAC repair services in Richmond. Your indoor air experience will feel the best it ever has when using our products and following our advice on how to keep your ducts clean at all times. Call us today and order new products.

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