One of the most commonly asked questions that we get about thermostat settings for the home is about what the right setting is. The perfect temperature setting is one that will offer the maximum amount of comfort to both you and your family, and the overall indoor environment. While this may mean a different temperature depending on what your preferences are for you and your family, there are some general guidelines you are able to follow to find the best settings for your home. Read on to learn more about getting the optimal air conditioning setting for your home. Williams & Fogg Mechanical provide air conditioning services in Richmond. Call Williams & Fogg Mechanical for your Richmond plumbing and HVAC needs today!


Air Conditioning Services And The Optimal Thermostat Settings


For cold weather: In the fall and especially the winter you’re able to save a lot on energy costs just by adjusting the settings for  when you are home and when everybody is out of the house. What we suggest for a house for the times when you’re not in the home is 68 degrees Fahrenheit. According to, by simply lowering your home’s temperature by seven to ten degrees Fahrenheit for eight hours a day can lower your energy bills by up to 10% every year. You may also want to think about reducing the average home temperature settings at night while you’re sleeping. A lot of people find it more comfortable to sleep in a cooler environment anyways so you’re most likely to not even notice the cooler temperature.


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For warmer temperatures: For times when you’re at home during the summer, we recommend setting the thermostat setting to 78 degrees Fahrenheit. If you’re planning on being out of your house for more than a few hours, however, you may want to think about raising the setting so that your cooling system only comes on when the temperature of the air hits a higher temperature. Try to remember that the less of a difference between the indoor and outdoor temperature there is, the more that you’re going to be able to save on your energy bills. 


For both hotter and colder temperatures, it’s important to keep in mind that these temperatures are general guidelines that ultimately need to be right for you and your family. This means that if you have an infant or small children in your home, you may want to keep the home a bit warmer in the winter. You should also take into account that humidity levels can play a big role in the comfort of the air inside your home when deciding on the ideal thermostat setting for your home. 


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Having a programmable thermostat takes all of the work out of adjusting your home’s temperature settings, and allows you to create a schedule in your home for times  you are at work, at home, or sleeping without needing to remember to manually adjust the settings multiple times a day. Williams & Fogg Mechanical provides Richmond plumbing and HVAC services. Call Williams & Fogg Mechanical for your air conditioning services today!


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