As summer moves into full swing, living in a home without a working air conditioner can be torture. We understand that you prefer to live in a comfortable environment. That is why we guarantee that we will take care of your HVAC system at Williams and Fogg. This air conditioning company prioritizes the customer, and we want to ensure that you have no problem keeping your HVAC system. If you are in Richmond and want a company that cares about you, stop searching online for ‘HVAC near me’ and work with Williams and Fogg. Visit our Service Page to learn more about our services and how we can assist you.


How Your HVAC System Works and Why It Needs Maintenance 


Some do not have a good grasp of biology, while others do not have an excellent grasp of algebra or trigonometry. Most people do not understand how an air conditioning system works. Air conditioners take gas and turn it into air. That air has chemicals that make the scorching heat disappear. At Williams and Fogg, we want to make sure your HVAC system is up and running in no time! Searching online for ‘HVAC near me’ will only waste time. So call us today because we have your best interest at heart.


Like anything else, your air conditioning system needs to be routinely maintained. In other words, you need to maintain your air conditioning system. How can you make sure that your air conditioning system stays in the right shape? Try changing the filter in your system. 


Other Recommendations From Our Air Conditioning Company  


You are going to need to take other steps to keep your air conditioning system up to date. Here are some ways to keep your system in shape: 

  • Be sure to clean the air conditioner in your condenser! You may understand what a condenser is, but you do not need to become an expert. At Williams and Fogg, we can clean your condenser for you. 
  • Like you have to clean the condenser in your air conditioner, you need to clean your evaporator coil. What is the evaporator coil? These coils help move the moisture in the air that creates the heat in your home. Luckily, evaporator coils are easier to clean than condensers. 
  • Consider investing in a programmable thermostat! Do you find it frustrating to consistently change the temperature in your home? This is the solution! When you install a programmable thermostat, it will change the temperature inside your home. 


Our Last Suggestions 

Of course, it is essential to regularly implement all the suggestions we mentioned to ensure that your HVAC system is safe and working properly. If your HVAC system is not working as it should after you have tried everything,  you may need to contact us. If you’ve been searching online for ‘HVAC near me’ you can stop searching and discover all that we can offer you.


Contact Us 


We get it! When your air conditioning system stops working, and it is hot in your house,  you can begin to feel extremely frustrated! Of course, that is what pros are for! If you are in Richmond and want to get your air conditioning system in top shape, contact us now! We at Williams and Fogg look forward to serving you! 

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