Are you prepping to buy a commercial refrigeration system for your business? There are plenty of options to choose from! That’s why it’s important to think it through before buying, to assure you picked out one that suits your purposes best. For that reason, we want to introduce you to the different types of units for sale in Richmond. Our company, Williams & Foggs Mechanical, is an expert on the matter because we specialize in performing technical repair services on refrigeration, cooling, and heating systems. Hence, next time you search online “AC repair near me,” remember, we’re the leading and most trusted company in the area! Now, catch on the different types of refrigeration units for commercial use, below.


Types of Commercial Refrigeration Units

Before buying a refrigeration unit for product preservation, you should go through the different types of designs available. It’s your best chance to weigh in the advantages and disadvantages that could work better for your business. 


These are the three main types of refrigeration systems for commercial use:


  • Walk-In Units. These are large, enclosed, and insulated freezing systems most often used by the food industry to store frozen food and perishable items. The interior of walk-in units is customizable to shelves that permit the organization of the goods per section. The access doors are sliding or swinging type. Each one features a distinctive opening and closure mechanisms designed to maintain the temperature inside the freezing chamber, providing a sealing barrier that protects the stored content. Any evidence of light shining through the door system is a malfunction that requires correction via technical service. Walk-in refrigeration units are susceptible to high traffic. Hence, special care and maintenance routines are necessary to preserve the integrity of the system.


  • Reach-In Units. The perfect systems for smaller-scale operations, requiring less installation area than walk-in units. They offer up to three storing sections of different capacities, measured in cubic feet. The compressor is either top or bottom mounted. This feature is vital to select the location of the unit.      


  • Under the Counter Units. If you have limited space, installing an under the counter unit is a contender option you should consider. They are ideal for keeping beverages and are a great fit for restaurants, cafes, and hotel rooms.


Maintenance of Refrigeration Systems

The maintenance routines of refrigeration systems should be entrusted to a contractor that possesses certified knowledge, experience, and qualified personnel near you. So, when browsing “AC repair near me,” don’t settle for the first company that shows up, keep looking until you find us, Williams & Fogg Mechanical. We’re the top HVAC repair shop in Richmond!  


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