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Gas Line Installation & Repair

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We provide all types of commercial and residential gas line service in the Richmond area such as line installations, system repairs, replacements, gas leak detection service and installation of an emergency gas shutoff valve. Our experienced gasfitters can install your gas appliance or water heater safely and upgrade your service when you require more gas.

How to Know You Have a Gas Emergency?

When you smell gas, it’s important to take immediate action. If the odor is mild – usually a rotten egg smell – open up your windows, turn off pilot lights, call emergency authorities or your local gas utility and leave your home. If the gas leak smells strong, you should immediately exit your building and call the authorities from outside your home. Don’t do anything else such as lighting a match, flicking your Bic, using an elevator or turning any appliances on or off. Any open flame or electric spark could ignite the gas and cause an explosive reaction.

Natural gas – when used safely – is an inexpensive fuel that’s abundant in the United States, which is the world’s leading producer of natural gas. About 90 percent of homeowners prefer natural gas over other energy sources. Our services make it safe and convenient to use propane or natural gas. Our signature services include:

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Gas Leak Repair

Gas leak repair is one of the most important – and most urgent – services that we offer. Leaks can cause health emergencies and catastrophic disasters unless promptly repaired.

Williams & Fogg Mechanical Services will provide 24 hour emergency service, repairs and reassurance when you suspect a gas leak. In most cases we can repair leaks quickly.

We recommend regular maintenance and gas pressure testing to prevent leaks from ever occurring. Our emergency technicians can help to safeguard your home and family, keep your system running at peak efficiency and remove any risks of further leaks.

Gas Line Repairs Richmond VA-Gas Meter-Williams & Fogg Mechanical

Maintenance, Repairs, Part Installations and Inspections

Aging gas systems can threaten the safety and health of your family because leaks in the lines could generate severe danger. A proper installation is important, but existing lines can always spring leaks. Our gas line service is quick and efficient, and we work hard to maintain a calm and professional atmosphere.

Gas Pressure Test

It’s important to get periodic inspections and gas pressure testing by a certified gasfitter who can not only conduct a gas pressure test but also inspect your system for weaknesses.

Time, weather and other influences erode your pipes and systems. Service can provide peace of mind and help to ensure that your system runs optimally for as long as possible. Our gas line repair service includes:

Replacing Worn Parts

We can replace cracked, old and dried-out seals and valves. Our gas line replacement services include sections of pipe or your entire system

Repairing Faulty Fixtures

We can repair faulty fixtures, controls and unlightable pilot lights. If you can’t get your pilot flame to ignite, we can troubleshoot the problem.

Replacement Service for Damaged Lines

We repair and replace damaged lines, and we can track your lines using the latest technology. Sometimes, it’s difficult to excavate gas lines, but our experts have years of experience locating leaks and maintaining natural gas systems.

Inspecting and Repairing Gas Systems After Physical Damage

Weather events, accidents, earthquakes and physical altercations can result in damage to your gas pipes and controls. We can inspect and repair your system when it is physically damaged. After completing our work, we’ll always conduct a gas line pressure test to confirm a successful repair.

Performing Our Gas Leak Locate Service

Finding undetected leaks off your property is important because you might not smell underground leaks. We have the tools to inspect your pipes remotely.

Venting Repairs and Inspections

When you use gas heat, you need to vent your furnace to remove dangerous gases like carbon monoxide from your home. We inspect and repair venting systems that keep your family safe. Gas stoves and other equipment also need venting.

Installing Piping for Special Systems

We can install gas pipe for your pool, spa, water heater, fireplace, log inserts and other gas systems.

Checking Appliances for Leaks

Small leaks in gas- or propane-powered appliances can remain undetected. These appliances are often located in out-of-the-way areas, and a small leak can be overlooked for a time. Even small amounts of natural gas, which rises to fill the space in a room, can generate breathing problems or suffocation. We’ll check your appliances for proper operation.

Installing New Appliances

Regardless of whether you’re changing to or from a gas system or installing or removing a gas-powered appliance, you should get a professional installation. There are many safety risks when installing appliances that use gas, and our professional technicians install appliances properly by following all the applicable regulations and best practices.

Gas Line Installation Services

Williams & Fogg Mechanical Services will install the infrastructure for your gas system including rigid lines and flexible lines for appliances.

We also offer service to relocate your gas lines when you want to move appliances within your home or business. If you’re building a new home, installing gas service for the first time or upgrading your service, new lines are necessary.

The costs of gas line installation vary depending on the distance to your gas connection, the type of gas you’re using, whether you’re using gas for multiple purposes and the environmental conditions such as rocky soil, streams crossing your property, etc. The average cost ranges from a low of $256 to $1,350. Commercial systems may cost more because of local fire and safety regulations. You should budget $15 to $25 per linear foot on any gas line installation project. Adding gas-powered dryers, water heaters and other appliances will probably require additional linear feet of lines even if you already use gas.

Our Service Guarantee

We’re always accountable for our work, and we’re licensed, bonded and insured. Williams & Fogg Mechanical will offer the following service guarantees:

  • 24/7/365 emergency service
  • Same-day service for routine matters
  • Flat-rate pricing with no overtime charges for nights and weekends
  • More than 25 years of experience in the industry
  • Free estimates always

Gasfitter Skills Provide the Worry-free Benefits of Using Gas

Despite some risks, gas is cheap, affordable and efficient. Great chefs swear by the efficiency of gas cooking, and heating your home with gas is always cheaper than electricity. Taking a few simple proactive steps by arranging for our gas line repair or gas line replacement service can ensure safety and peace of mind when using gas. Call or contact us immediately for a repair, quote, inspection or consultation at (804) 506-3021. We provide 24-hour emergency service, same-day service and upfront pricing.

Aging infrastructure is a big problem in Richmond area homes. Getting a proper inspection of your gas piping, venting and fixtures is a smart choice for any homeowner, business owner or prospective property buyer.

We can set your mind at ease or tell you what’s necessary to bring your properties gas infrastructure up to code.

New Copper Gas Line Installation Richmond VA-Williams & Fogg Mechanical
Williams & Fogg Mechanical also provides full service plumbing repairs, water heater installations, drain cleaning and high-pressure hydro jetting services by a certified plumber. Our 40+ years in the business ensure that we know the job, and we keep current with the newest technologies such as smart home and commercial systems.

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