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Your HVAC system will be so essential to your household during these cold winter and fall months. In the wintertime, your entire home can feel so cold when snow piles up and there are cold winter flurries every week. The floors and even the air can be extremely cold if your HVAC system is not working properly. It’s important that your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning are all operating correctly throughout the year. You can save so much money by maintaining your HVAC systems regularly. If your HVAC isn’t working properly that can result in you having higher energy bills. For example, when your air conditioning or heating isn’t maintained over time it will start to exert more energy to perform basic functions. In the fall and winter, you don’t want to be paying extremely high home heating bills just to keep your family warm each month. Around the holiday season, you want to be able to save all that money rather than paying outrageous energy bills. Many students are working from home due to Covid-19, so it’s important to maintain your HVAC system because you will probably end up using your heating system more than you would any other year due to everyone being at home. In the wintertime when your heating system stops working you don’t want to be sitting there thinkiing “what Hvac companies are near me” because your heating and cooling isn’t working. William and Foggs Mechanical Services in Richmond is a trusted and respected plumbing and HVAC company.  William and Foggs offer Heating and Furnace Repair services. They have fully licensed and insured contractors capable of handling your heating replacement needs. Williams and Fogg offers 24/7 emergency services for your heating system, regardless of manufacturer.


HVAC Maintenance Tips


Change the Air Filter and Maintain your vents


You should vacuum out your air vents in order to clean them out. Cleaning your vents helps the airflow easier. Also, changing your air filter each month and replacing them helps your HVAC system work properly. Air filters should be checked at least every three months and preferably every month to keep them clean. You should have routine days set up each month to check your air filter and vents. Be careful about cleaning your vents because they’re very fragile.To access them you may have to unscrew the metal box on top and you can proceed to clean your vents.


Install A Programmable Thermostat


The temperature in your home can variate based on the number of people at home and the temperature outside. With a programmable thermostat, you have the ability to set temperatures for specific times throughout the day. People often forget to set their thermostat which costs them tons of money.


Have your HVAC System Inspected


Having your HVAC system inspected can be the best work to make sure its running properly. Hiring licensed professionals who can tell you exactly what may be wrong can always be helpful. If you are wondering “what HVAC Companies are near me? Then you should give William and Foggs Mechanical Services in Richmond a call so they can help you with all your HVAC maintenance needs this fall and winter! Having a properly inspection is always the best way to ensure your system is still operating efficiently.

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