Let’s face it. Our focus decreases while doing any form of activity at the same time we’re struggling with severe temperatures. That’s why counting on heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems is a priority for residential and commercial properties. After all, it’s in this essential service we all rely upon, from season to season, to make our indoor stay more comforting and survivable when weather conditions are appalling. As a way to ease your worries and help you gather a better understanding of HVAC systems, our company, Williams & Fogg Mechanical, collected insight from some of the top Richmond HVAC contractors to debunk the most popular myths about HVAC repair and maintenance. Keep reading below to learn about our findings!           


What Does an HVAC Service Cover?

It covers the inspection, cleaning, and maintenance plans to be followed after the installation of the HVAC system is completed.


It’s through efficient service plans where failures, such as leaks, electrical and mechanical malfunctions, and faulty performance, can be detected in time before costly replacements need to be applied.  


The service should be performed by a licensed and qualified technician, trained to assess the equipment during routine check-ups. The goal is to troubleshoot the preventive, repair, replacement, and upgrade measures that will extend the operating lifespan of the HVAC system.


HVAC Contractors Debunk Three Major Myths

In our 40 year experience in the business, we’ve encountered many myths surrounding HVAC systems and HVAC repair. For that reason, at Williams & Fogg Mechanical, we realized it was vital to debunk the misconceptions our Richmond customers often mention.


  • Myth #1: Filter Replacement Should Be Done Yearly 

Fact: The filter should be replaced in shorter periods of time, most commonly set between one and three months. To define the best timing, the unit’s owner must conduct routine inspections to assess the condition of the filter and determine if it really is filthy before doing the change. 


Watch out for your filter’s specs! It could be reusable and reinstalled after a wash.  


  • Myth #2: HVAC Systems Don’t Need Maintenance Until They Collapse

Fact: Debunking this myth it’s crucial for us! It leads to dangerous operation and costly repairs. Just like with every other sizable power-driven machine, the purchase of an HVAC system includes installation and maintenance guidelines that the unit’s owner must assure are complied with by the HVAC contractor. Check the manual to spot the list of routinary inspections and the expected frequencies.


  • Myth #3: Buy the Biggest System for Better Performance and Cooling & Heating 

Fact: “The bigger, the better” philosophy doesn’t apply to the HVAC system. In fact, when it’s too large for the property’s area, it loses efficiency in ventilation, cooling, and heating and allows a humid indoor environment that fosters respiratory health hazards. 


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