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One of the toughest decisions you need to make as a homeowner is whether it’s time for a new air conditioner unit. Although a new unit can be expensive, so can the costs of using an old unit that you continue to repair. So how do you know it’s time to replace rather than have an hvac repair? Williams & Fogg Mechanical have you covered with these expert tips for Richmond.

When It’s Time to Have HVAC Repair or Replacement

  • When your unit is over the age of 10 years, in general, it’s time to replace. However, if your ac unit is in need of repairs and over 10 years old, the consensus still stands. Time to replace. This is a good thing, advancements in systems have progressed within the past decade.
  • It doesn’t matter the age, if your unit is performing below 13 of the SEER rating, it will cost you more money to operate. You will save money on your energy costs if you replace it with a better and new unit.
  • You’re facing more expensive repairs than the cost of a new unit. If the repair is costly and it’s covering a large part of the system, it makes more financial sense to replace it.
  • If your ac unit has frequent breakdowns, the repair costs will really add up and it doesn’t make sense to keep continuing the repairs. Save yourself any headache and invest the money into a replacement.
  • If your unit uses R 22 Freon, it might be a good idea to replace. R 22 Freon is currently being phased out by the government to conserve energy nationwide. The costs are rising exponentially. If you have to replace Freon, it’s time to replace your unit.
  • Is your home having a hard time keeping cool? This could be a sign of your aging unit that isn’t doing its job. Or worse, you have an incorrect sized system! Whatever the case may be, it’s something to look into or replace.


It makes sense to follow these steps to save on money, as units can be very expensive. No matter how-maintained your system will be, at some point, it needs to be replaced. If you are noticing your energy bills go up and poor air quality inside, always take a look at what’s going on and call Williams & Fogg Mechanical to get the job done properly.

Who To Call?

We have Richmond covered with our quality services and expert knowledge on hvac repairs. If you need a replacement, we have a variety of models to choose from to make your home comfortable with excellent air quality. We can help you explore your options with our experienced technicians. The right unit for your home and budget.

Williams & Fogg Mechanical provide air conditioner replacement services at cost saving prices. Your home, future plants, health, lifestyle, and financial goals help determine that unit is best for you. We can come perform consultations and we’ll help you find the best comfort. If you’re unsure if it’s time to replace or repair, give us a call to learn more! 


Lowest Prices Guaranteed!

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