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Many homeowners and renters have probably received many tips and well-intentioned “advice” through the years about how to take care of their plumbing systems. Some of it may be passed down from your dad, other tips may be what you gleaned from Google. Unfortunately, the majority of DIY advice about plumbing is wrong, and here at Williams & Fogg Mechanical we often see our clients damage their plumbing systems or otherwise try to deal with things on their own and have the attempt go wrong. Read on to learn more about some major plumbing myths, and the right way to deal with the situation. Of course, it’s important to remember that it’s pretty much always the right choice to call a professional immediately if there’s anything more than a toy in the toilet. Williams & Fogg Mechanical is a top HVAC company servicing the Richmond area. If you’re looking on Google for “plumbing companies near me,” call Williams & Fogg Mechanical today!


We Debunk Top Plumbing Myths


Here are some of the biggest misconceptions about plumbing that our firm often sees our clients run into:

  • A drain can’t be clogged if water is still going down- The truth is that clogged pipes may still have some room for water to flow, which is why you should always keep an eye on how fast water is draining. If the water is draining slower than usual then this  may be your problem. Disposals can also cause pipes to get clogged since people can put more food particles down the drain than is advisable to do so. Even though disposals grind up food, there can still be particles left in drain pipes, causing clogs.
  • Use lemons to clean your garbage disposal- While lemons will definitely make your disposal smell better and get rid of unwanted odors, they don’t actually do any cleaning. Lemon peels are thick and very difficult to break up, which can result in a clog. If your disposal needs some cleaning, your best option is to turn off the power to the disposal and then disassemble it for a really deep scrub. 


Looking For “Plumbing Companies Near Me?”

  • Run water while the disposal is on will help the waste go down- Running gallons and gallons of water won’t prevent clogs from eventually forming due to the wrong types of food going down your disposal. Grease, fats, peels, and eggshells shouldn’t be put into the disposal due to their high possibilities of clogging the sink. The disposal can also be damaged by hard or thick food items.
  • Plumbing fixtures don’t need to be regularly maintained- This bit of wrong advice is not only incorrect, but can really cause some major plumbing repair problems. Fixtures, such as sinks, faucets, tubs, and showers are all directly connected to pipes. Pipes are basically what people think of what they picture plumbing, but they may not be aware that properly taking care of and maintaining fixtures along with your pipes can prevent clogs and leaks in the future.


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It’s important to be informed about your plumbing in order to maintain it properly. If you’re looking for “plumbing companies near me” in Richmonds, call Williams & Fogg Mechanical today!

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