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Millions of people all over the country are stuck at home, going crazy from cabin fever, and… using their own bathrooms a lot more than usual because they’re not going out to work, to restaurants, traveling, or to friend’s houses. The day may come where you finish off a roll of toilet paper, or to replace it, and find… nothing. You’ve used up all of your toilet paper before you knew it, and at the moment it may not be easy to replace. A natural consequence of the quarantine is the infamous toilet paper shortage that is happening all over America. You may need to reconcile yourself with the fact that you’ll be running out of toilet paper in the coming weeks. So what exactly should you do about this? There are more options out there than you may think. Read on to learn more about what to do when you run out of toilet paper, and how to take care of your toilet with these alternative methods. Williams & Fogg Mechanical is a top Richmond plumber. If you’re looking for “plumbing companies near me,” call Williams & Fogg Mechanical today!


Alternatives To Toilet Paper


The first alternative you can use is to find “alternative” toilet paper. This may not feel like the most dignified choice, but is by far the simplest. If you don’t have time to make a more permanent plan, then this should be your go-to, as desperate times may call for desperate measures. Here are some recommendations for the next time you require “alternative” toilet paper:

  • These may be the obvious first choice if you still have any, and may also be slightly easier to replace
  • Tissues- Try to use a few at a time for the environment
  • Toilet covers- Folding a paper cover once or twice can create a paper sheet 
  • Napkins
  • Newspapers


No matter what you use, remember that you should never flush anything down your toilet that isn’t toilet paper, which includes wet wipes and other products that claim to be “flushable.” Toilet paper is engineered to dissolve and break down on its way down the drain, while nothing else is. If you flush non-toilet paper material, it may clump up or get caught in the toilet drain, which will produce a clog over time and require you to call a “plumber near me”- which may not be a service available right now. That is the last thing that you want; to be trapped in an apartment with a clogged toilet and no help.

Looking For A Richmond Plumber?


Another option that you could go for is installing a bidet. A bidet is a plumbing device that shoots a stream of water to perform the same function we use toilet paper for. A bidet can be installed either as its own separate plumbing fixture (like a toilet or sink basin) or in your toilet directly, both of which come in a huge variety. Installing a bidet will functionally eliminate your need for toilet paper almost altogether, and they are used all over the world (except in America). It is also far more hygienic than toilet paper!


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If you’re looking for “plumbing companies near me,” call Richmond plumber Williams & Fogg Mechanical today!

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