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We are all affected by the miracle of in-house plumbing. While a fully-functioning faucet might not make you break out into song, a malfunctioning pipe or a smelly leak can potentially ruin your day. Williams & Fogg Mechanical are here to answer all your Richmond plumbing questions, from “is there a plumber near me?” to “how do I stop a running toilet?”


Your Top Richmond Plumbing Questions Answered


The most commonly-searched plumbing question concerns a running toilet, which is caused by a few different issues. A running toilet is often the result of an interior leak, which happens when interior parts, such as the flapper or fill tube assembly, deteriorate and fail to keep the flush water in the toilet tank. If you’re worried about running up a water bill or need to shut off your water completely, it’s a good idea to locate your water shutoff valve before disaster strikes. Your main water shut off valve is likely located in your basement, attached to an exterior wall outside your house, or in an underground box. If your house is flooding, and you need to shut off the main water valve, you can stop the flow of water faster than you can search “plumber near me.”


Problems With Hot Water


If your problem is instead that the hot water isn’t coming through the pipes, you’ll need to assess which kind of water heater your home has. A large gas tank in your basement is a good indication that your water heater is powered by gas. If this is the case, then your heater is experiencing a gas outage. Find a “plumber near me” to evaluate the gas tank, ensure there is no leak, and repair your water heater if necessary. Without a lurking gas tank on your property, you might instead have an electric water heater. Just like other appliances, an electric heater is susceptible to short circuits and defective electric equipment. A good plumber can help you identify the source of your hot water and the cause of your outage.


Causes Of Sewer Smells


It may be alarming to step inside your home and smell the foul odor of sewer gas. Plumbing lines in your home can leak odor if they were poorly fitted. A professional plumber will know how to install pipes in such a way that vents carbon monoxide and other harmful gases out of your home. But if poor installation does not apply to your situation, you may want to investigate any old, unused drains in your house. These can become “dry traps” and leak odor if you haven’t drained water through them in a long time. There are a host of other types of leaks that may cause this odor, including a broken vent line or a defunct toilet wax seal. A plumber is the best detective for pinpointing the cause of the odor.


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