Walk-in coolers are crucial components of many businesses’ day-to-day routines. If you own a restaurant or even just a company where you happen to store food, you know just how significant the cooler is to your business. One of the last things you would want is for that cooler to break down; in addition to potentially causing a lot of problems in your routine, coolers are also not the cheapest asset to replace. So, to help you with this, we at Williams & Fogg Mechanical want to offer you five tips that will help you determine when it’s time to replace your community. If you’ve been browsing online for an “HVAC service near me,” then look no further! Check out the services we’ve offered Richmond through the years!


The First Signs Of Damage To Your Walk-In Cooler


One of the first signs that it could be time to replace your walk-in cooler is if you have higher utility bills. This is a sign that your insulation has diminished. This could cause heat to come into your cooler or cold air to come out of the cooler. This also leads to another sign that your cooler could need replacement, which is temperature fluctuation. If your temperature is in flux, this could mean that you have insulation failure or a broken thermometer. While these don’t guarantee your cooler is completely broken, these are signs to watch out for.


Other Signs of Damage


Ice build-up or frost build-up is another problem that can go unnoticed. If your food is getting frostbite, this is likely caused by frost build-up. This sort of increase is usually caused by excess moisture getting into the cooler, which is probably caused by air leaks coming in between panels or other cooler panels. Similarly, regular water leaks can be caused by damaged seals. Standing water can cause mold and mildew to accumulate, and it can also cause ice accumulation. You can avoid a lot of problems by making sure your panels and seals are in good condition and aren’t allowing leaks.


The Final Sign Of Damage


The final and most visible sign of damage is if your food is spoiling before its expiration date. This is a frustration for any business, but especially one that relies on food to make its money. That thrown away food costs money, and if it’s spoiling in vast quantities, this costs a lot of money. Any of the issues named above can cause this spoiling of food. If you’re losing a lot of money on repairs and food spoiling, it may be best to go ahead and replace the cooler. 


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