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Why You Should Hire a Pro for Drain Cleaning


why hire professional drain cleaner

The average person spends up to 3 percent of their home’s purchase price on maintenance and repair costs each year. Failing to provide a home with the care it deserves will lead to lots of damage in the long run.

One of the most important parts of any home is the plumbing system. As time goes by, the various components of a home’s plumbing system will start to wear out. Often times, this will lead to issues with drain clogs and leaks.

When faced with a drain clog, you need to hire a professional drain cleaner. In most cases, DIY plumbing repairs will only complicate matters and increase the amount of damage your home has.

Read below to find out more about drain clogs and why working with professionals to address this problem is your best bet.

What Causes Drains to Stop Working?

Flushing a toilet or washing dishes is something most homeowners do on a daily basis without much thought. If the drains in your home cease to work, performing these tasks will be nearly impossible. Knowing the common causes of drain clogs is the first step to avoiding them altogether.

Hair Can Cause Major Drain Problems

One of the main causes of shower drain clogs is hair. As the residents of a home bathe, hair will fall from their head and into the drain. Over time, this hair will accumulate and bind with other substances like soap residue.

When this happens, it can cause the drain in your shower or bath to clog completely. The best way to prevent this problem is by installing drain guards. Once you have these screens installed, be sure to empty them on a regular basis.

Dirt Can Lead to Clogs

During the course of a day, you will pick up a lot of dirt. This dirt can usually be found in the clothing you wear and even in your hair. Washing your body and your clothing is the only way to remove this built up dirt.

As the dirt is being washed off of your clothes and your body, it will make its way into the plumbing pipes and drains in your home. As time goes by, the dirt may start to accumulate in these areas and cause clogs to form.

If you want to minimize the problems that dirt build-up can cause, you need to focus on removing excess sand and dirt from your clothing and body before washing them. By doing this, you will reduce the amount of dirt that is allowed to travel down your drains.

Tree Roots Can Make Your Drains Useless

Most homeowners only focus on the plumbing elements inside of their residence. The drain lines that run from your home to the septic system can also cause problems over time.

If the drain lines you have are close to large trees, you may find yourself with root problems. In some instances, the roots from a tree can penetrate these lines and prohibit them from working.

The only way to get this issue fixed properly is by working with seasoned plumbing professionals. These professionals will dig up the damaged lines and replace them quickly. The money paid to these professionals will be worth it consider the results they can offer.

Why Hiring a Professional Drain Cleaner is Vital

Providing your plumbing system with the care it needs will keep it running efficiently. Without maintenance, it is only a matter of time before you are confronted with serious plumbing repair issues. Here are some of the reasons why hiring a professional drain cleaner is a good idea.

A Great Way to Minimize Blockages

As previously mentioned, there are a number of things that can stop up your home’s drains. Getting the drains cleaned on a regular basis will minimize the risk of blockages.

A professional drain cleaner will be able to inspect every square inch of your home’s plumbing during this cleaning. This inspection will alert them to problems that need to be addressed. Getting small blockages removed early on will minimize the amount of damage they are able to cause.

Avoid Horrendous Odors

Most people take great pride in keeping their home looking and smelling great. The last thing any homeowner wants is to have their residence filled with foul odors. Without routine drain cleaning, you run the risk of drains stopping up completely.

If these drains overflow, it will cause a lot of unpleasant odors to be introduced into the home. This is why routine drain cleaning is something you should view as a necessary expense.

A Great Way to Reduce Plumbing Repair Costs

Adhering to a strict budget is probably something you are familiar with. Failing to stick to a budget will put you in a compromised financial situation which may be hard to get out of. Instead of waiting until your plumbing system is completely broken down to take action, you need to take preventative measures to keep this system functional.

Scheduling routine drain cleanings and plumbing system inspections is a crucial part of maintaining your plumbing system. A drain cleaner can remove any blockages and alert you to any plumbing problems they may find.

The money you pay a professional for this maintenance will pale in comparison to the high cost of repairing a broken plumbing system. Working with seasoned plumbing professionals is the only way to reduce the problems your drains have.

Take Your Time When Researching Drain Cleaners in Your Area

Hiring the right professional drain cleaner is a bit harder than you may realize. Taking your time to research all of the drain cleaners in your area is the only way to make an educated decision regarding which one to hire.

Are you in need of plumbing maintenance or repairs? If so, contact us now to find out how we can help.

  1. Adrian Jones

    It’s great you mentioned the reason why hiring a drain cleaner is important especially when you also want to get your plumbing system checked up. One reason why a drain cleaner’s services are important is that they’re great at examining each and every inch of pipeline laid throughout the house and can be able to get most blockages cleared out of the pipes. If I had the chance to look for a drain cleaner’s services then I would ask them how they get their job done without missing a single inch of pipe!

  2. Taylor Bishop

    It’s good to know you can get a plumber for a drain cleaning. You mentioned that a professional can actually inspect your entire plumbing to figure out if there are other blockages that should be addressed. This seems helpful if it can get the whole plumbing system to work.

  3. Silas Knight

    It’s great to know more about hiring drain cleaning. I love how you said that having them come out will keep the system running efficiently. We’ve got some blocks in our master bathroom, so I’ll hire a pro to come and take a look.

  4. Amy Winters

    Thank you for pointing out that a professional drain cleaner will be able to inspect every square inch of someone’s home plumbing during the cleaning. My brother has been thinking about hiring a professional to clean the drain in his kitchen. It’s good to know that an inspection will be given while the pipe is being cleaned.

  5. Derek McDoogle

    I totally agree with you when you said that the last thing any homeowner wants is to have their residence filled with foul odors. I believe that keeping drains clean can help prevent clogging. Thanks for the information about how scheduling routine drain cleanings will alert you for any future problems.

  6. Clic Aquí

    It locks the ventilation pipes and empties the T-joints near the main pipe. Seal all openings, such as drains and water intakes. You can do this by using adhesive plugs or inflatable plugs.

  7. Callum Palmer

    I’ve got a really bad smell coming from one of my drains. I do think it would be a good idea to get it cleaned out. That way, the odor is gone and my drain is working properly.

  8. Dennis Sanchez

    I never thought that hair would be one of the main causes of drains clogging and hair can bind with soap causing it to accumulate and block the flow of water. I can imagine that even more things like this can cause blockages in sewer lines. I would hate to have to dig up a sewer to inspect it, so it’s probably best for people to call a plumber to come and inspect it for you.

  9. Kate Hansen

    I like how you included that if drains overflow it will cause a lot of unpleasant odors. My house has had a lot of odors and I was wondering if It was my drains. I’ll make sure to keep this in mind if I decide to hire someone to come and clean them.

  10. Ron Booker

    I like that you mentioned that maintaining your plumbing system with routine drain cleanings can prevent you from repair cost in the future. My best friend drain needs to be clean since he told me that the water gets stuck sometimes. Thank you for helping me learn more about drain cleaning, I’m going to start taking care of mine as well.

  11. Ayan Melbourne Plumber

    I like how you said how important it is to hire someone who can address a plumbing problem in a short time. When a leak happens I want it taken care of quickly! I’ll have to keep that in mind when searching for my next plumber.

  12. Jay Jorgenson

    I like how you explain that drains stop working when hair accumulates in the drain. My wife always leaves bits of hair in the shower and although she takes them out some manage to slip in. Thank you for the information. I’ll contact a professional to unclog our drain.

  13. Darrien Hansen

    It makes sense that dirt that has accumulated over time may begin to clog your drain. My wife and I think that our sewer is completely clogged. It may be best to hire a professional to help us clean it out.

  14. Angela Waterford

    One of my primary concerns right now is to have my bathroom drain cleaned because it’s the only place in my home that drains slowly. Thanks for saying that hair could be causing this to happen to my bathroom. I think I’ll hire someone to clean the drain for me so I can make sure that it will work properly again.

  15. Eli Mcmullen

    It makes sense that overflowing drains can lead to foul odors in your house. When I was cleaning my kitchen after last night’s dinner party, I noticed that my kitchen sink smelled like rotting food. It may be best for me to call a plumber so that my house can smell clean again.

  16. Shaylee Packer

    I have never heard of drain guards before. I live in an apartment with 5 other girls, and our drains are always clogged. We will have to look into getting a drain guard so that we don’t have this issue anymore. The first step may be calling someone to clear the drain.


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